Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Tom Blessing is a good man. Good man, good poet. And a good editor too, it seems. Received my copy yesterday of his "Quickzine" Going to Georgia (put out by his own Tandava Poetry Press, who you can reach via ), and it is extremely good. You might think I'm saying that because I'm in it, but trust me, I usually hate my own poetry when I see it in print. What I like about the magazine is that Tom's editorial selections incline to the contemporary, but with a lyrical/ musical edge--that is, the effect of the words on your ear is important as well as the message (and to me, that's poetry). Of course, that doesn't completely capture what Tom's about. The moment you say anything it becomes a lie. But it's a good starting point for anyone who wants to attempt a critical analysis. Ron Androla, Pris Campbell, Mark Hartenbach, Didi Menendez, Justin Hyde and Zach Blessing, among several others, do the honours poetically, and the drawings are wonderful. A really refreshing, intelligent read.


tom said...

thanks - going to do another quickzine soon and will try to remember to post an announcement here.

Bruce Hodder said...

Any publicity you want, let me know, Tom. I really liked "Going to Georgia", as the post suggests!