Monday, May 14, 2007

Crude Red Boat

Sometimes the right things happen to the right people in the poetry world. Evidence: Ralph Murre's first collection of poetry "Crude Red Boat" (Cross+Roads Press). It's out now and it's marvellous, full of poise, grace, humour, wisdom. I recommend it highly to anyone with an interest in these things.

It says in the "author information" section that Ralph's only been writing poetry since 1999. In which case he has no right to be this good! I've been plugging away at this intermittently since 1983, you swine!

Visit the links on the right to Ralph's own page or Cross+Roads boss Norbert Blei for more information.


Ralph Murre said...

Thanks for the pearls.

- A. Swine

tom said...

I'm gonna try to get a copy or borrow splake's until i can

Bruce Hodder said...

You should, Tom. It's a perfect little book.

Bruce Hodder said...

Whenever I get sick of poetry, which happens from time to time, your stuff always draws me back in.
I'm jealous of your ability, not that I would admit that in public...