There was an interesting documentary about Kurt Cobain's last days on the BBC yesterday. Reminded me how much I liked Nirvana, back then--I haven't listened to them for a long time. It also helped me figure out why I'm not inspired by any of the current crop of pop-rock bands, though I can see how good a lot of them are ( British music is in fantastic shape right now.) It's because they're just not serious. They're clever, they're amusing, they're cute, but they're not coming at it from a hard place like Cobain was. I don't see anybody who's bringing the word up from their boots.
Like I said somewhere else, I write because I have to. I like to see the same in the other artists I give my time to.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your experience
Bruce Hodder said…
Always glad to share--especially with anybody whose blog is called "My Mortgage Experience". 'Cos I bet you were here looking for ruminations on Kurt Cobain, right?

Hint: nobody seriously involved in the arts has any money. I mean, really. Nobody.