Monday, February 12, 2007

For George On The Occasion Of The End

George. Hey George. Old buddy. When exactly was it you had Armaggedon scheduled for? What date is it going to start? Because that's obviously the plan. You gave the game away with the press conference about Iran funding the civil war in Iraq. Global conflagration, like it says in that Bible by your bed. Which is fine. World had to end someday, and who better to end it than a good Christian like yourself? But I don't want to be doing something lame when it comes, like working, or sleeping in the bus station waiting for a bus. I want to watch the whole fantastic End beginning, just so I can say (in the little time we all have left) that I was there. So when's it all kick off, George? Come on, don't pretend you haven't set the date.


tom said...

yeah, pretty scary - seems like they are setting the stage to rationalize an attack on iran - foolish as that would be - but their mindset is oblivious to how the American people, the rest of the world, or ..... think

Glenn said...

hegemeny is more important to them than survival.

Bruce Hodder said...

I think there's an element of self-fulfilling prophecy here. George Bush believes in the back of his mind that the world will end and that when it does, all wrongs will be righted and his god will reign supreme--so Armaggedon's a good thing to him, at least on a subliminal level. And if you believe something is inevitable, the decisions you make will lead you towards the conclusions you expect. Tony Blair may well be locked into the same thinking, though he has a sheen of liberal sophistication which buries his Doomsday philosophy a little deeper. If these people aren't opposed vehemently at every step of this gradual scaling-up to war, they will drag us into the mouth of Hell and laugh like lunatics as everybody burns.