All right, it's not normally the focus for a literary blog, but please, everyone who's reading this in the UK, vote for Shilpa to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother. She's beautiful, intelligent, she has class, and your vote will stick it to the ignorant racist pack animals who've been abusing her for the last two weeks (or however long she has had to endure the torment), in the house.

Is this modern Britain? she asked last night after enduring a violent verbal assault from another contestant. It's certainly one side of it, yes. Let's show her, and India, and the world, the other side. A vote for Shilpa is a vote for a nicer Britain.


Anonymous said…

Well said. I have never watched this programme and never will, but the reports I have seen and heard simply confirm to me the frightening amount of racism in the sectors of British society represented by those dreadful people who have been abusing Shilpa. In contrast she has beauty, dignity, class, elegance and great intelligence. Racism is an appalling scourge; maybe the publicity generated by this episode will expose it for the evil it is and make some of the evil-doers think before acting. But I don't think so: they are not capable of the thought processes the rest of us take for granted. Thank you, Bruce for raising this important issue.

tom said…
at a time when the world needs this behavior the least - it seems that the BB stars are more interested in themselves that common decency or sense. now i have never seen the show so i don't know if that is common behavior or not - Dr. Who is one of the few TV shows from the UK or even the States that i sometimes will watch.

Can't vote - but i would vote for her.
Bruce Hodder said…
Sadly, racism is all too common in the UK, though it's not always as overt as it's been on Big Brother, where the producers are pleading "culture clash" and trying to ignore the critical firestorm that's surrounding them (today the show's sponsor CARPHONE WAREHOUSE withdrew its support.) What IS culture clash when it deteriorates to the level we've seen on Big Brother, where Shilpa is referred to as "the Indian" and model Danielle, after watching Shilpa being violently abused by another housemate last night, declared "I wish she'd fuck off home." Isn't that racism? And if it isn't, what exactly is?

As for "Dr. Who"--well, Christopher Eccleston was great, but I don't buy David Tennant, do you?
Bruce Hodder said…
Hey, Bruce's Dad (great screen name). I'm glad to have your thoughts on this. The abuse of Shilpa on Big Brother has been appalling to watch. So why do I watch? I don't know. Perhaps I am a masochist, because it really does cause me acute discomfort. But as you say, it tells a powerful truth about race relations and the level of uneducated pig the degraded comprehensive education system in this country is churning out. Jade Goody is so frighteningly inarticulate and basic she's an obvious example, but look at the women who are joining forces with her to harass and intimidate Shilpa. One is pretty in a Victorian streetwalker sort of way, and the other is a fabulous singer, so you tend not to notice that they are severely deficient in the brains department. But any other age would have dismissed them as too dumb to walk unaided, let alone appear on national television.