Tony Blair's speech yesterday shows how much he has been ruined, as a politician and probably as a man, by the War Against Terror. All that waffle about "Great Britain" having to decide whether it had an international role as a defender of freedom and a champion of democracy. If we wish to keep the world safe for industry--uh, democracy--he said, we must become a Nation of Warriors.
Even I am speechless, at least at the moment, to offer a counter-argument to such utter nonsense. But what else can one expect, in these end days, from the only man on the entire planet who thinks George Bush is right to escalate the conflict in Iraq by sending 20,000 more American troops?
Blair has been pushed into such a corner by his own miscalculations and bad decisions, he has no objective anymore other than to defend his profoundly damaged legacy; and his rationalisations of the mis-steps that damaged it are increasingly perverse, increasingly divorced from reality. He is yesterday's man, and it's getting harder and harder for him to hide it.

Tony, sometimes the best thing you can do is say sorry and get out of the way. Trust me, it's something I have learned from hard experience.