new poem


I had to chase your love
but that was fine.
I wish you'd care enough
to chase for mine.


Bobby said…
Hey, man. I hope you're not getting your pants blown off in all that freak weather over there.
Bruce Hodder said…
It wasn't too bad where I am, B. I hear a few fences blew down and some trees lost their branches in the main park in town, but all I was aware of was the torrential rain. It got so bad at one point I thought I might start building an ark in the back garden at work.

I didn't realise the American media reported on these things!
Bobby said…
Actually, I think I read about it at the BBC's web site. But it was a pretty widespread thing, huh?
Anonymous said…
Plenty of coverage down here, Bruce. Would God it would rain in this dust bowl.
Bruce Hodder said…
It's all relative. Over in Cherry Valley Charles Plymell has snow.
Bobby said…
Nah, in the States we ain't got world news. We ain't got no protests neither. We love George Bush, and we're glad your Tony Blair is his little lap dawg.

No, man. We don't stand outside the White House in the rain and snow screaming at that fuckin asshole, get maced, incarcerated and run down by cops on Harleys.

It simply don't happen here, my man.

We're all in line.

And someday we'll be dead - but we'll go to heaven.
Bruce Hodder said…
I detect a little irony there, B.

Amusingly, we don't get to hear too much about protests outside the White House. They might have it on the rolling news channels I suppose, but I don't have those. Got 4 channels in total and I mean for it to stay that way.
Anonymous said…
The chaser almost always feels this way until he/she is unhappily on the receiving end of the chase.

We suddenly forget all those times we covered all the mirrors and played country music.

What pining? The unwelcome chaser undergoes a metamorphosis, the infinitesimal insect.