I just took over management of the Philip Whalen MySpace page today. I'll add a link so interested people can go over and have a look.

Philip is probably one of the least known of the Beat Era poets. He wasn't Beat exactly, though the influence of Ginsberg and Kerouac loosened the breath of his poetry the way it did everybody else's. He is most accurately linked, as a writer and thinker, with Gary Snyder and Lew Welch, both roommates of his at Reed College. Which may be a point of very little interest to the casual reader, but I find these things absorbing, for some reason.

Somebody's got to tell the story right if even the Estates of the principal Beat authors have sacrificed accuracy in the name of moneymaking revisionism.


Anonymous said…
That's great Bruce! How did your management of Philip Whalen's MySpace page come about?
tom said…
that sounds great - i'll have to check it out - myspace seems awful confusing to me
Bruce Hodder said…
I heard the Whalen page was up for grabs--the previous web maestro couldn't run it anymore--so I just put in a bid for it. It was surprisingly easy. No money changed hands, and I didn't have to sleep with anybody. Though I would have if they'd asked.