Thursday, May 11, 2006

vivid as an eel, banana moon gleaming

i daydream d.a.levy
is in the room next door
looking out over a city balcony
in summer smoking quietly
musing on the fine curve
of a woman's legs
sliding among taxicabs
and hot dog sellers
trees shimmering in air


the MP said...

Frank Walsh from the ULA here.
What a great lill' paeon to levy. Been thinking alot 'bout him lately. Been wanting to go lay a wreath (of interwoven doobies would be best) on his grave in Cleveland for some time now.
Point is his railing among other things against the gentrification "redevelopement" forces in what was his/ other artists 'hood back in the '60's thru his most excellent underground press rags resembles very much what's happening here in West Philly and thruout the country-- suffice to say it's disgusting!
Anywho Red Fright is holding a three day Festival with the ULA in tow in Cleveland in July which a bunch of us will be attending. So to a degree my homage to levy as one of the underground greats may see the light of day so to speak.
Id like to rap with you more 'bout this. Besides, feel really fine as regards your blog spiel, your poetry, yr anti- work sentiments. et al. so let's try to stay in touch and otherwise "good sailing"!

Bruce Hodder said...

Thanks for the kind words about the poem, Frank. I like it too, and I don't always like my own stuff! levy (along with Brautigan, I feel), was one of the best poets to come out of America in the Sixties--though as I said in the email I sent you, I don't know THAT much about him, having only just discovered him this year (criminal oversight on my part). When I go I hope some kind poet lays a wreath of interwoven doobies on my grave. Midnight dog walkers and graveyard stalking perverts and necromancers will report the eerie sight of a slightly overweight cadaver rising from his coffin and smoking his own wreath under the moon singing old folk songs as he gets more and more twisted (and hungry).
Anyone who thinks they understand poetry--especially on the progressive side--but haven't read levy should go out and do it TODAY. There's no time to waste. Start with his internet site (I can't remember the EARL, as it's the place where most of the work is collected).
Like mine, your education will be lacking until you encounter him.

Bruce Hodder said...

Keen-eyed readers will spot a misplaced close-bracket in the penultimate paragraph of that post. What can I say, I type faster than I think. Mind you, my hair grows faster than I think.
Since I don't know how to edit comments without deleting them, though, it'll have to stay.