I am delighted to say I've had a poem accepted for publication at Bombfire  

I've been lucky so far this year, placing poems in the first four issues of Tom Blessing's new print venture Roadside Raven Review as well.

Now I have to refine a few poems for another submission and get a manuscript together containing my best published poems of last year. I managed to place 25 or 30, so that would make for a nice little volume. (I also managed to get a batch of poems rejected in 20 minutes by Beatnik Cowboy, so don't think I'm boasting.)

The problem with assembling a manuscript is finding the time. Other people do it, so it's clearly not impossible. But I'm on too much of a roll with the writing at the moment to want to dissipate my energy with another activity, however connected it is. I'm worried the Muse will leave town again.

I'll get to the book when the poetry takes a holiday, unless a publisher asks for a book, like last time.

(N.B. My poem is scheduled to appear at Bombfire on March 13th.)


tom said…
yay! One of these days I need to sit down and do this. In the meantime I will wait for yours to be published.
Bruce Hodder said…
And I will wait for yours!