Guest Writer: Ed Markowski

Homage To Thompson

On January 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm the citizens of the world bid farewell to the Obama Nation and bore witness to the dawn of America's Abomination. In New York Harbor the inscription was amended to read . . . Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breath fear when we arrived a one-hundred and ten story hotel and casino constructed entirely of Mount Rushmore granite had erased the faces by law dictionaries phone books news papers, magazines short stories bibles encyclopedias letters coupons and conversations could no longer exceed two-hundred and eighty characters regardless of faith race denomination and purpose kneeling on Sundays became a federal crime on July 16, 2018 in honor of the president millions of men women boys and girls had their hair dyed pale orange from Moscow to Minsk his last assault on Obama's legacy was the release of a previously classified National Inquirer that proved Hillary Clinton was the mastermind responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9 / 11 / 01 on the day the documents were released Osama Bin Laden was granted a full presidential pardon by executive order Betsy DeVos was finally credited in American History books as the creator of our star mangled banner two-hundred and forty-two years after the fact all of the surviving American service men who had been taken prisoner while serving in Vietnam were convicted of impersonating war heroes and deported to Hanoi on the promise of bringing good jobs back to America his electoral college victory immediately and exponentially expanded the language employment opportunities and self esteem of dunk tank clowns at every county fair in America from Tiny Tim's preschool to Harvard white boards now stand where black boards once stood in a joint statement from the White House Rose Garden the president flanked by Franklin Graham Jerry Falwell Junior Mark Burns and Pat Robertson declared all ten commandments antiquated and obsolete on July 27 2019 the Trump International Hotel added a new restaurant Little Rocket Man's Nuclear Bar B Que the restaurant's fare is described as ravenously scant radioactive and torturously spicy the enemies of the American people were armed with ink pens typewriters pencils erasers white out notebooks paper clips sandals hope habanero peppers snow shoes Labatts Blue and the Stanley Cup from sea to shining sea the sunshine sheen coating every seal's coat was pure crude from California's Coalinga Oil Fields regardless of grain every box of organic non gmo cereal by executive order will now be labeled and sold as Corn Fakes with one exception the food feds declared every burger on the McDonald's menu a super food being that exception the Big Mac was rewarded with the title of super super food in historical museums nation wide the truth was framed and hung as children were being confiscated kidnapped and caged on the southern border the name of that time honored tradition that teaches the rewards of an honest days work and the stewardship of their wages was changed from Allowance to Hush Money after he renamed Glad Bags Vlad Bags on Thanksgiving Day 2018 during a ceremony at Plymouth Rock he told the indigenous people of the Americas they'd better damn well thank the Pilgrims for teaching them how to grow corn after his presidential commission on the state of the family found that ninety-eight percent of confiscated children including infants and toddlers thrive and are much happier living in cyclone cages without their parents he signed an executive order that changed the name of the holiday to Martin Luther Day on the following Monday his sixteen character memoir Profiles In Sewage filled America's adult book stores when the nations prison term ended in addition to the real estate holdings hotels and squeaky clean billions the ex president owned and controlled the largest flock of fanged sheep on Earth his legacy was framed by this question George Washington was America's first President, who was America's first Dicktweeter ? and through the years following his freezing reign historians political scientists and the gilded minds of Washington's think tanks used one word to describe his presidency COVFEFE . . .

                                     another stranger
                                            coming into focus . . .
                                                      family reunion

Written At The House
On Hadley Road
10/3/2018 - 10/14/2018