Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Ads

Keen-eyed readers will notice the sudden appearance of advertisements on this blog. How the mighty have fallen, you may think. The incorruptible Bruce Hodder. The doyen of the moral high ground. I certainly would have said something similar, once upon a time (such as when I had an income).

But in the words of Bob Dylan, "I'm just the same as anybody else/ when it comes to scratching for my meat." (Not that I eat meat, but you know what I mean.) One thing I've noticed about them that's amusing: they're linked to the content of the blog, by some automatic process, which is ingenious to my antiquated mind; but the one thing that process can't measure is the shades of opinion in the references made. So my continual negative remarks about David Cameron led yesterday to the placement of a video in which he defended himself and the Tories.

I didn't want that on my blog really, but that's the price you pay when you give in and let capitalism consume you eh? At least I can claim I offer a balanced view of the political scene now though, even if it is by default.

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