Thursday, April 08, 2010


Interesting that David Cameron feels having some 70 completely impartial, entirely objective businessmen backing the Tories' stance on National Insurance supplies him with his most persuasive argument yet that raising NI constitutes a "tax on jobs".

Their overwhelming public endorsement of the Tory alternative view would have convinced me to vote Labour if Gordon Brown was calling for the invasion of the Moon.


BRUCE'S DAD said...

Yes, and isn't it also interesting that none of the predictably supportive media reports pointed out that these supporters might just have a vested interest. Or that their action was so rapid and so coordinated that the whole thing had to have been set up by Conservative Central Office. Oh, sorry! I was forgetting that the entire British media is just a little bit biassed towards the Tories, and that rags such as the Mail, Telegraph, Express etc are nothing more than Tory party newsletters. Cynical? Moi?
Keep the pressure on, Bruce. Your old dad's behind you all the way on this one!

Bruce Hodder said...

Thank you Pop. That's two of us at least! But hey, where would the fun be if we were in the majority?