Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Sort Of Prayer For Ramadan

Good luck to all the Muslims I know and their brothers and sisters across the world in Ramadan. I hope you come through it purified and with clear vision so that you can liberate yourself from the suffering put upon you by oppressors from within the Muslim faith as well as those who oppress you from without.
Peace, love, tolerance of opposing views and forgiveness of transgressions against you are the key to spiritual advancement, in my humble Zen Buddhist opinion. And maybe I've been lucky, but every Muslim I've ever spoken to has had all of those qualities in abundance.
Let's not curse the many because of the iniquities of the few, eh? Bruce.


Holly said...

I have two gorgeous wonderful Muslim friends. I wish them well and hope and pray that they and their families and friends are well.

My two friends survived the recent severe Pakistani earthquake and volunteered at the hospital. One helped hold down a small boy when he had an emergency amputation and the other tried to lift spirits and be a bit of a clown.

Doesn't really matter what you believe in. It's being a human that counts.

Bruce Hodder said...

You're so right. The Muslims I know are highly educated, tolerant and open-minded people. They just happen to have a firm belief in their own religion and its code of ethics. Religion only gets nasty and dangerous for the world when it's fundamentalist in nature, because fundamentalism is intrinsically close-minded and manipulative. Christians and Muslims at that end of the spectrum are almost identical in their intolerant, mean-spirited views.