Saturday, June 14, 2008

Received In The Mail Today

the new print versions of Wild Bill Blackolive's "The Emeryville War" and "Tales From The Texas Gang" . Bill, for those who haven't come across him, is probably America's most famous underground author, justifiably, and "Texas Gang" in particular has an almost mythical status among serious, hip readers. A figure no less than William S. Burroughs, a man famously not given to empty praises, declared the book "really great" in a 1975 letter to Bill and tried to interest his own agent in representing it.

The book has existed online for a while at Bill's own site but now it's back in print form--as far as I know for the first time since 1978--published in a handsome new edition by the Underground Literary Alliance, ISBN 1-892590-38-7. You can order it directly from them by sending $22 postpaid to:- ULA Press, 4686 Meridian Road, Williamston MI 48895. And this is one instance where I can promise you you won't be disappointed. Unless, of course, you're the sort of person who doesn't know great literature from a hole in the ground.

How's that for objective criticism, eh?

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