Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have to applaud the action that that agglomeration of business concerns known as "the international community" is beginning to take against "Bob" Mugabe and the catastrophe that's unfolding, largely because of Bob, in Zimbabwe. The Queen's decision to strip Mugabe of his knighthood was a particularly impressive one, given the general fear the monarchy has of getting drawn into politics (or any other controversy, for that matter). Make no mistake, this man is a monster, and if we don't act in unison to squeeze him out of office pretty soon, Zimbabwe may never recover, at least not in our lifetime. Talk to people from that country if you think this is typical Bruce left-wing rhetorical bullshit.

But one thing among all the high-sounding expressions of concern and (in Queen Liz's astonishingly intemperate case) revulsion did puzzle me. The British Government getting heavy with the Cricket Board, or whatever they're called, and insisting that the tour of the Zimbabwean cricket team should be cancelled on "ethical grounds".

Aren't these the same people who are telling pro-Tibetan campaigners that the Beijing Olympics must go ahead because sport and politics don't mix?

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