Sunday, June 22, 2008


A question from 2005 when I was labouring through the quagmire of my relationship with R***. She required it. Had the "insight" that the me I was becoming under her tutelage was the person I was meant to be! That the poet and the left wing pro-animal polite agitator were an overhang of the dominance of my mother.

Well guess what R***? I'm still writing and I'm still thumping tubs. I tried to put a shirt on and go to an office every day like you wanted and all that happened was I had a breakdown.

I'm not changing for anybody anymore. "This is the creature I am." If I have to be alone for the rest of my life (however short or long that might be) because the women I meet are too dumb or too uncultivated or too conformist to understand me, so be it.

Oh, and I would be proud to be considered a creation of my mother (which biologically I am anyway). She was no better or worse than anybody else, but I loved her. I'm proud of what I have inherited from my father too, though his influence on my personality is harder to detect for those of you who've grown accustomed in the new modern age to childish reduction signalled by flashing lights and music. Which appears to be about eighty percent of the population.

(Nothing has been the same since Margaret Thatcher murdered all th classical values in society and replaced them with flat pack furniture and tv chefs.)

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