Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Poem By Emma Cox

SUFFOLK PUNCH is normally the place for my ego ravings, but a friend of mine showed me the following poem, which she wrote, yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. I think it's a really eloquent statement of belief; and although it's written by a Christian and I'm a Buddhist (albeit an inadequate one), you can see the common ground of compassion that the two systems can meet on. (Adding a fairly pedagogical note, I'd say you're pretty likely to meet a good number of Muslims and Hindus on that ground as well.)


Jesus--my Saviour and my King!
How could you love me after all I have done and continue to do?
In my heart I know it's true, the message you came from Heaven to give,
but in my mind I am so confused!
Every day another killing, another loved life lost. How come, my King? Where R U in this?

Dear Child, I am in Heaven and I love you very much. I know their pain, every parent whose child has been slain.
I sent my only begotten son as a living sacrifice, to pay the highest price!
Instead of a crown He wore thorns, instead of a robe of purple they ripped His flesh til He wore a robe of scarlet!
Instead of His name being lifted in adoration, He was lifted as a curse on a cross.

This life is not easy, never did I say it was!
but read my Word and respond as I am calling you!
Leave you as a forsaken orphan? This is something I promise I will never do!

copyright Emma Cox 2008


zimgirl said...

emma this is good stuff.Continue to let God divinely inspire you to write poetry. Continue to use your creative gifts for God's glory.

Bruce Hodder said...

I agree.