Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Message For Those Against The Striking Teachers And Oil Workers

Pete Seeger always said it better than most.


tom said...

pete and woody were good men
supporting the unions

republicans castrated public employees unions in my state a few years back -

Bruce Hodder said...

Yeah, the Conservative Party did it over here in the 1980s. Then when Labour came into power they did nothing to redress the balance. And they are partly funded by the unions. Maybe the unions should have refused to fund them until they got their rights back. But there is an increased confidence in the labour (small l) movement at the moment because the Brown Government is weak and the Conservative Opposition are talking in a generally liberal, conciliatory manner about almost everything. It will be different when they win the election, as they almost certainly will. As the old saying goes, beware the wolves with hair on the inside.