Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bruce is writing a new poetry book

Me and Woody Guthrie are hitchhiking across the UK next year in the middle of the New Depression going to play for striking workers at a benefit show, see, and Will Geer is waiting for us with bear hugs and booming quotes from Shakespeare.

No point in posting any of the poems here, though, because none of the ones I've written so far really stand without the others.

Anyone know of a publisher who might be interested in taking fanciful left-wing shit like that?

Trust me, in a year you'll all be joining unions as the great wave of the "economic downturn" swallows you.


Simon Hodder said...


Why not publish it as an eBook? No printing and distribution costs. No lining other peoples' pockets. Worldwide distribution. You can even charge a couple of quid for people to download it. It's all easily done.


Bruce Hodder said...

Hey that might be an idea. Except there's always the inference of vanity if you publish your own--you know, "can't he get anyone else to do it?" Although I am vain, like all tremendously insecure people. Worth a thought.

Anonymous said...


Don't see why it should be seen as any more vain than submitting it to someone else for publishing. Better that than have it never see the light of day.


tom said...

Check out Amazon's Create Space or Lulu - a fair number of poets and editors are using those for book and magazine publishing

what about places like Pudding House or Bottle of Smoke press - I'll try to think of some others.

Bruce Hodder said...

Thanks, Tom, that would be great. I've never submitted a whole book before. Been IN books, but not a whole one of my own.