Saturday, November 10, 2007

Doing Something About It

People get trapped in dualistic thinking. Them Buddhists'll tell you it's a Western disease.

In these paranoid and simplistic times let me reassure you. Just because I say we should do something about the materialistic trap we're in here in the good old United Kingdom of America, nobody should assume I'm advocating terrorism or some kind of return to Communism. I hate fundamentalist Muslims as much as I hate fundamentalist Christians (they're really two sides of the same obnoxious and dangerous coin anyhoo). And it's the Communists who are putting fucking plastic panda waste bins or whatever it is all over the Delly Lama's palace in Lhasa. A pox on those evil bastards! (Somebody I know with a few brains says the Chinese Commies aren't really Commies anymore because they're realising the virchues of capitalism. Which they kind of are in Hong Kong etc. But if I were writing this in Beijing my computer wouldn't even let me, 'cos of the Government insisting Microsoft create programmes that censor blogs with political commentary.) (Let them free Tibet first, I say, then we'll talk about how much progress they've made.)

So what am I advocating when I talk about "doing something about it"? Read between the lines, dear people. Get someone to buy you a Gary Snyder or an Edward Abbey book for Christmas. Join a union. Turn off the television. Throw away your KSwiss trainers and go buy footwear from Shoezone. This will be a start.

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Armondo said...

What a fucking stupid comment. How many fundamentalist Christian do you know who are flying hijacked planes into buildings? You fucking little wannabe commie cocksuckers, purely talentless assholes who have only your like-minded asshole buddies to stroke your big egos (and tiny cocks) are disgusting. You need to grow up, prick head.