Frustrations. Obstructions. Boring Complaints.

One hour to access the internet this weekend and MySpace won't even let me log in. Apparently "a technical error has occurred". A well-known phenomenon to anyone who uses MySpace. So, apologies to my friends over there. I'm not ignoring you. But Murdoch's Millions are getting in the way.

My life of late has become a series of obstructions, frustrations and boring complaints. Have you noticed? (Say no and I'll know your lying.)

After being away from my flat for two days I walked in at 11 pm yesterday, turned the light on, it blew, tripped the fuse and turned off every light in the house.

And where's the fusebox? In the adjoining building, which is owned by the landlord.

Ever get the feeling that the eternal feller with the Blakean beard who sits on the clouds directing things here down on Earth has got a bit of a problem with you?