If only I could communicate what travails I've undergone since I last posted here! You think moving house is stressful? Trying moving where I've moved. Only an idiot like me would sign a 6 month contract and then find he has no phone line. At all. There's a phone extension cable lying on the living room floor that feeds under the carpet. So I naturally assumed I'd have access to a phone. I thought all I'd have to do is ring the phone company and connect it. Was I ever wrong. The extension cable actually goes nowhere. My landlady tells me that if I want a phone line I'm going to have to go halves with her on it.

I really thought about it for a moment. But only for a moment. Then I thought, BLOLCOKS. I've just paid £125 to the agent as a handling fee and £1000 in advance rent and deposit. And they haven't even put my kitchen door on yet. I'm not going to pay for the privelege of having something as fundamental to civilised modern life as a phone line, when such things should be covered as part of the inflated cost I'm paying to live there! Am I being unreasonable? Let me know if I am. But I've already politely told them to shove their phone line up their RASES, so any admonitions from you, dear readers, will be too late.

Obviously my refusal to chip in for a phone line means production on "SUFFOLK PUNCH" and other Blue Fred Press sites will slow down, because I'll only be able to post now when I have time and funds to rent a pc at the Library. Which is where I am now. But it's not expensive and I usually have a couple of days a week when I can come in. So keep checking back. And if you want more regular communication with yours truly (though I can't imagine why you would), drop me an email and I'll send you my home address. Though if I'm there for more than the six months of the contract I now bitterly regret signing I'll be really surprised.

My first loyalty is to Blue Fred business and limiting my access to my own sites pains me. But it is a point of principle. I won't be shafted by anybody, not anymore. I have too much of a history of letting people walk all over me and thanking them politely while their boot digs into my face.


tom said…
Renting can be a pain. Sorry this hasn't worked out. Seems like a phone line is something that should be normal in housing today. Be don't have a land line here - but use cable for tv and internet. I could do without the tv but the internet I've grown to depend on. Glad you only took a 6 month lease. And thank go for public access in libraries and coffee houses. When we first moved into this flat we had nothing, but we are in a university town, so i could go down to the college library and get online. the only cost was to print from the computer. which didn't bother me because i know students had been downloading whole books, and tracts, and then trashing most of them. Paying was saving the library a lot of money.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, that's too bad, Bruce. I'll get you something in the mail shortly.