Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: It's Sad, But Give Me A Break

I don't like Michael Jackson's music. Never have, so I'm not going to start now just because he's dead. I feel sorry for him if his life was as pained and peculiar as the media wanted us to believe; but I don't need to tell any of you that there are an awful lot of people out there with problems worse than being rich and sensitive and having been deprived of a childhood by over-ambitious parents.

His music, as I've said, was always boring to me. Superficial. Obvious. Phoney. In the current climate, of course, saying such things is tantamount to heresy. So be it. Delete my Facebook page if you like. Throw a stone through my window. I'll give you my address if it matters to you that much.

One commentator, soon after Jackson died, made the absurd claim that he was the most important cultural figure of the last two hundred years. Forget Dylan, the Beatles, Dali, Picasso, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Baudelaire, Rimbaud. The fellow who sang "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground" tops them all.

Proof of his importance, apparently, is the 750 million records he has sold across the world.

Proof to me that these days we are confusing importance with popularity. I have been in the living rooms of unsigned folksingers who played and sang better music than Jackson while the red wine flowed and the cigarettes burned. No one will ever hear of them in Singapore or Harare but their achievement stands. And if they are signed one day and make it into the consciousness of the world it's a fair chance that something of the brilliance they once showed will be lost.

That's been happening since Elvis Presley.


Candice said...

FINALLY!!!!! Someone with a similar opinion as me! What the fuck is with everyone sobbing and being so sad?? I dont get it. He had mental problems and hadnt released a good song since thriller. I really believe he hurt young boys.. was in the very least inappropriate with them. Was strange.. I thought the world was still mad at him for dangaling "blanket" out of a window. Now everyone and their dog is all teary eyed over his death. I am so confused! I havent met one other person who feels the same as me so I HAD to google "Michael Jackson Give me a Break" just to find one other person with a similar opinion.
I just dont get it!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Bruce. When the history of popular music is written Jackson will be nothing more than a footnote.If Britney Spears died tomorrow the tabloid media reaction would be exactly the same.

-- Glenn C.

Anonymous said...


I also googled "michael jackson give me a break" and found this article. Funny. My wife and I feel the sake.

I also applaud Senator Peter King for his candid comments. I hope that he doesn't get forced into a phony public apology like so many others.


Anonymous said...

Right on! I just don't get it. Some singer dies, and right away, he's influenced everybody from Frank Sinatra to the Jonas Brothers. I have three teenage daughters, and their comment was, 'Michael Who?' When I told them who he was they said, 'He is so 1980's.' Not everybody in the world is interested in Michael Jackson. And there are dozens of singers who sing much better than he ever did, and there are dancers out there who could probably dance rings around Michael Jackson.
MJ? Enough already!!

Jessica said...

Well, personally I Googled "I Don't Like Michael Jackson." But same concept, right?
I never understood what was so great about him or his music(or even the Moonwalk -.-), and why it's been over a week and nobody's gotten over it.
I feel for his kids, but this is way out of proportion.

Calypso said...

No one disputes the fact that MJ paid 20 (some say 22) million dollars to keep a minor boy quiet. He may have won that court action - but I think all sensible people know the man was a child molester.

To have a moment of silence for such a fellow is absurd. They won't even let Roam Polanski back in the country - yet he has talent and certainly is no more heinous than MJ. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Uhm.. Sorry Calypso but I disagree. You should read up on the facts of that case. The father of the boy was the one chasing money... what kind of man would go after money if their child has been molested and not go after justice in the courts.. and then sue for damages?

I'm not a huge Michael Jackson fan... and when I've seen the facts in both cases... I don't think he was guilty at all. I think he was a strange/queer man but I do not think that made him a child molester. Please do read both sides of the story before you condemn someone for something so foul.