Monday, May 26, 2008


So here's an interesting development. After posting the latest piece about the Dalai Lama and the predicament of the occupied Tibetan people at MySpace as well as here on Blogger, I find I've been locked out of my own MySpace page. An experience familiar to a few people who've posted politically delicate blog entries there. You share your views--as was once encouraged before capitalism overtook democracy as the guiding principle of Western nations--and the next thing you know your MySpace page is gone. No warning, no explanation; you just can't get onto your own page anymore.

The notice I'm getting at mine says the page is "undergoing routine maintenance". And what sort of maintenance might that be, I wonder?

You could say I'm just paranoid. But I think Charles Bukowski had it right when he said that the paranoid people were the ones with more of the facts (or something like that). Nobody can f*** with the Chinese anymore, because of their emerging status as the leading economic superpower. The immorality of supporting or doing business with such an immoral, murderous and entirely unelected regime means nothing. Just ask Rupert Murdoch. Just ask Gordon Brown. Just ask Richard Branson. Just ask the folks behind the Kelmarsh Buddhist Centre who've been so rudely barracking the only leader of global stature with the courage to stand against the suits of Beijing.


tom said...

anything new on this?

are you unlocked?

Bruce Hodder said...

Yes, I am unlocked. I don't know what they were doing, but it's spooky. The atmosphere of paranoia is even discouraging a few from publishing some really good stuff, for fear of reprisals. Sad.