Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Dalai Lama Crowd

Did anyone else notice George Bush's reference to "the Dalai Lama crowd" as one group who might want to politicise the Beijing Olympics? Such a delicate, diplomatic, sophisticated tongue he has! God or Allah forbid that such sticky considerations as government-sanctioned murder and brutality, not to mention the wholesale suppression of free speech, should get in the way of a business opportunity, eh George? eh, Gordon?


Ralph Murre said...

Did not happen to hear that one, but it's about on par. If Bush was simply a deep embarassment, it would be bad enough, but might be slightly humorous. His being inately evil is just taking all the fun out of it.

Anonymous said...

He never ceases to amaze.

-- Glenn

Bruce Hodder said...

Agree with you both, in spades.