Friday, December 07, 2007

Wednesday Was Strange.

Wednesday was strange. Awake half the night with wind howling through the trees and disturbed birds singing. Paranoid and fractious the whole day afterwards. Feeling malice and betrayal from friends. Seeing everything differently from how I'd presumed it to be only the day before. Like the nervous collapse of '04 only concentrated, a million times more immediate and dense. The storm is over now but the sense of everything having changed is still with me. I am a hundred years older than I was before.

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Holly said...

*Under another paranoid assumed ident, at least you know who I really am ;)

In a sick way it's comforting to know that what you've experienced is just like how I feel on these strange days that come and go.

Is it just one of those things we are supposed to experience from day to day or is it called being "fucked up"?

Either way, the "wind" changes everything.