Monday, December 10, 2007


For reasons too complicated to explain here, I believe language is the scaffold around which a civilised society is built.

So what happens to society when language decays?

That's what worries me when I see "Please turn off tap's" and "I just brought an item from Ebay" (local police advertisement displayed all over Northampton), and "Your co-operation would be appreciated by refraining from smoking in the bus station" (Health & Safety sign in Greyfriars Bus Station). I mean, other than the fact that it's just stupid and ugly.

I'm not even sure of my own English anymore. There just aren't enough good examples of the proper use of language around to keep a person in good habits.

No wonder we're heading around the moral u-bend.

I'd better dig out some A.A.Milne or Graham Greene later on. Remind myself how it's done when it's done well.


Holly said...

My stars. I am an avid sign watcher. I sit in the passenger side and watch the signs flash and disappear. I scour junk mail out of sheer boredom. And what do I find?

Advert for a family bistro:

"Parent's don't forget kid's eat free"

and a sign for a diner in Melbourne:

"Open Sunday's"


No wonder so many kids these days don't spell properly nor seem to give a flying rats. Oh wait. Rat's.
The fashion right?

And they always ALWAYS use crappy textspeak. R U COMIN 2 CATCH DA BUS. WAT U SAY.

I don't know about you but I find it takes me an awful lot longer to text in abbreviation. Or in pardon my czech, shitty word guessing.

It's a pet hate of mine, seeing signage and advertisements with such horrendous editing. I know mine isn't perfect but sheesh it's not like I'm in your face, in front of the kiddies, being a role model. I was actually going to take a few photos of examples and put them on my blog. Maybe when I come across them again, I shall.

Anonymous said...

"For sale: Rock Wheeler pups"

- sign on shopfront window.

-- Glenn