Sunday, July 29, 2007

On The Job Again: New Poems

Sunday Morning Haiku

condensation covers
half the attic window:
the life within

men emerging from their houses
in slacks and rubber shoes:
gone to fetch the paper

pigeon on a lamppost
preens fussily this morning:
last night it rained for hours

underneath the tree
a gnome smokes a cigarette:
the heavy shower

he kissed her
but her eyes were cool:
parting sunday morning


Ralph Murre said...


- r.

Ralph Murre said...
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Bruce Hodder said...

Ralph, I can't tell you how nice it is to be writing poetry again. Thought the bitch Muse had deserted me forever, like all the other women in my life who don't--for some reason--appreciate being abused and taken for granted. Funny lot.

tom said...

good stuff

and i don't think the muse deserts us - but rather we desert it

at least its that way for me

i hear you were up to calumet
sorry i missed you if that is the case -
that my messy studio next to spakes