No Immunity for Bush

Bush & co. did violate the human rights of prisoners at Guantanamo & that should be impartially investigated, whether the "Enemy" did worse or not. We have to stand up for "our" own values. Not be hypocrites. Hypocrisy is the crack in the wood that admits the worm. Unimpeachable, we take away powerful propaganda from those who would spread murder & hate.

No "Enemy"/ no "our" really, we're all human beings, all fleshy organisms requiring food & sunlight for energy & love for sustenance of the Spirit. & there's no "England", no "United States", no "Pakistan" or "Iran" in Nature, just land & rocks, grass, trees, mountains, rivers. Borders got there by ancient wars & nobody wants the bad karma of inherited blood & suffering do they? Like Kelsang Pawo says, compassion! Bake a cake for your so-called Enemy & apologise to them for your lack of mindfulness.

written after reading No Immunity for Bush at