Day One, Freshers' Week

Today was my first day proper at the Uni. Two hours of presentations and discussion, first with the Dean (who looks a little like Nick Clegg), and secondly with my course leader Phillippa Bennett, who I like already because not only did she approve my application in the first place, she also remembered my name when I met her again today.

Everybody around me seems very young. But to them I undoubtedly look very old. We will get used to each other. I have associated with people much younger than me for a long time now, in the care job, and in many ways I even enjoy it. The only time I think it's significantly better to keep company with somebody your own age is in a relationship. You need to be with someone who understands why you groan when you pick money up off the floor.

I am a little concerned that I haven't got a timetable yet -- that the Uni intranet system shows me as not being enrolled for any courses -- but I'm sure that's a kink that will work itself out this week. After all, I have a certificate of enrolment, and a student card. I'm hardly an interloper now. I just need to make sure everything gets sorted out administratively so that I can release my student loan and tuition fees.

Yes, I know I'm a worrier. But I live pretty close to the wind these days. I have done ever since I gave up that vile job at the care home. I think that's why I've started writing again.


Bruce Hodder said…
Hmm, well, I've worked out how to get a timetable anyway. You have to download it from the Uni site on the internet. Duh. (Have pity, when I was 18 Northampton Uni was still called Nene College and you dialled telephones.) Now all I have to work out is how to READ the rota. The codes on it are so complicated they fry my brain.

I'm not sure that I'm going to cope so well, you know, in a situation where I have to think almost entirely for myself.