Another Bump In The Road To Education

I was feeling really sunny and peaceful until I opened my emails about ten minutes ago. That was when I found a message from the student loan people telling me they couldn't process my application for financial support through the next year at university because they still hadn't received the evidence I need to send them to support the application (birth certificate and wage slips, primarily). But I sent it to them about three weeks ago, in the regular mail.

Has that bundle been lost? Now I have to spend the afternoon making phone calls to track it down. Unfortunately I didn't send it via recorded delivery, so if it has gone astray somewhere I'll have no way of proving I ever posted it. Dumbass. You should always presume that something is going to go wrong somewhere along the line, especially when the goal is as important as this one.


Bruce Hodder said…
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Bruce Hodder said…
Okay, it turns out there was no cause for alarm. They have some sort of automated system at their offices which sends out emails requesting your evidence of identity even when they already have it. And the system will keep sending the emails out until the application has been processed.

"It's a nightmare," said the extremely hassled woman I spoke to yesterday when I called up to complain.