Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hot Election News!

Simon Cowell, Gary Barlow and Carol Vorderman are endorsing the Conservative Party. They really are the party of intellectual substance, aren't they?

But hold on one cotton-picking minute. Is Simon Cowell the sort of person whose opinion we are supposed to be influenced by? (Or perhaps the Sun, who feature the story of his endorsement as some sort of justification or magnification of their own, isn't aimed at me, since I've always thought it was a pernicious, racist, sexist, homophobic, intellectually antediluvian propaganda sheet for semi-literate right wing extremists.If they were endorsing me as they are endorsing the Conservatives I would change my act quickly.)

What has Mr. Cowell ever done, though? I mean to turn him into someone whose support a political party would be proud of and the party's publishing paymaster (Mr. Murdoch) would splash all over his "news"paper? Create a bunch of ridiculous, unwatchable tv shows that foisted untalented micro-celebrities on the world who disappeared, generally, after six months, and left so little behind in the memory of their admirers or the history of music that even their names were hard to conjure after a while, much less their songs.

He made money, though, didn't he? And sadly I suspect that for some people making money is a cultural achievement these days. That it gives someone weight, even if they made their money by selling rubbish and treating their customers like fools, as Cowell did.

It's a shallow world we live in, boys and girls.

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