Monday, March 22, 2010

This Is How The Job Hunt's Going

I have to say, I'm getting a bit fed up with all these cheapskate employers trying to pass their own costs off onto me by sending application forms out only via email. & then  having the nerve to attach an equal opportunities monitoring form with the thing, as if they're not infringing equal opps with their assumption we all have unlimited internet access and a printer.

I can't say I'm particularly keen to find a job, after the psychological warfare of the last one, battling every day with a crude manager whose ambition seemed to be to string my testicles up over her desk; and the brutal way work cuts into my writing time and ruins my meditation, and the way you are expected to become a blindly obedient drone in most places I've ever worked--there's no room in the workplace for a real individual--but the money won't last forever and I feel I ought to show willing at least, before I give up and become a happy old man dozing by his window as the kids run by from school. Especially since almost every conversation I have with anybody these days starts with the words, "How's the job hunt going?"