Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why He Walked

I walked out on my job today. I haven't done anything like that for fifteen years but I had no choice. The bullying and intimidation had got too bad. Everybody working in a McCarthyite atmosphere of paranoia and suspicion. Every mistake punished by disciplinary measures from the employer. Nobody dared shit without asking permission anymore because they knew their livelihood might depend on it.

Mine is gone now. I have a few quid in the bank to tide me over. I think I can last three months, if I'm careful. And then, if I haven't been able to find another job, I should be able to claim some benefits.

Oh, how I wish it hadn't come to this. But what can you do when the steel door goes down in your mind and you know that it won't open up again for anything except clean air, new horizons, people who aren't on the almightiest power trip in the history of poison bastards?

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