Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Directions Home

I'm enjoying all the pronouncements coming out from the camp of Bob Dylan at the moment. Last week he told the BBC he was negotiating with two companies to be the voice of a new SatNav kit. Now he claims that he's releasing an album of Christmas songs for charity.

Oh really Bob? Both could be true, of course. Apparently there are SatNavs available with the voices of other famous people on them. And it's conceivable that he could do the Christmas record. Willie Nelson would after all, and Bob's in the same category as Willie pretty much, these days, as an artist and an icon. Although Willie is a fabulous singer and Bob sounds somewhat like a strangulated parakeet when he opens his mouth.

The great thing with Dylan is that with him you are never quite sure he's serious. He's done four or five excellent albums recently and written a wonderful memoir. Creatively he's buzzing. Is the rejuvenated Dylan mind having cruel fun at the expense of a gullible media with these claims of new directions home? I hope so. I really hope so.

Maybe tomorrow we'll open the newspaper and read he's purchasing Florida also.


Anonymous said...

The Christmas album is really happening. Released October 13th. All proceeds to charity.

The satnav thing is a joke. Back in May on his radio show, Dylan joked that he didn't know why his voice wasn't used on satellite nav systems. The newspapers picked up on it and thought he has been offered such a deal. He hadn't.

-- Glenn

Bruce Hodder said...

Oh boy. I can't say I'm thrilled about the prospect of the album. His voice, after all, isn't his strongest suit artistically. But we'll see. He tends to surprise those who presume to write him off.

Bruce Hodder said...
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