Monday, February 09, 2009


four times i fall down
after a considerable headache.
dropping in the street, at home,
and losing consciousness completely.
waking--after how long?--with my mind
curiously blank, and paramedics round me.
fear tightens in me like a fist:
ballasteros has a tumour!
the fifth time i go down at work.
two hours of tests. eight hours
of waiting, with no visitors.
then a doctor solemnly intones words
that relieve me, and appall:
"you're having seizures mr. hodder.
take epilim. have a brain scan too,
just to rule out deeper causes."

extract from "Southbank" by Bruce Hodder


Ralph Murre said...

Glad to see that all these meanies in the circuitry don't seem to be hurting your writing abilities. Hang in, Mr. Hodder, hang in ~ you have a great deal of writing yet to do.
~ R.

Fred Abbey said...

Thanks Ralph, that's encouraging. This is a draft but I think it came out all right.