Here's one for you. I heard from a Christian I know that Christmas cards depicting Santa aren't acceptable because Santa is an obvious misspelling of Satan. The Devil isn't as clever with his disguises as we thought, boys and girls!

I pointed out to the person that you couldn't get the letters of his surname to spell anything sinister, unless SLUAC worries you, but apparently that is not the point. The laughing rotund white-bearded gift giver who comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve will be the Devil, and the Santa/ Satan thing proves it. Gives a whole new meaning to, "You better watch out/ You better think twice," or whatever the song says.


Ralph Murre said…
S.L.U.A.C. is a rather obvious reference to the Satan's Lackeys Ungodly Activities Committee.
Bruce Hodder said…
Damn, how could I have missed that one? Thank you, Ralph, the legions of Hell have been well and truly rumbled.