Poetry Readings

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but it bears repeating even if I have. Come January I will be reading poetry at the Labour Club in Northampton, first Wednesday of the month (whatever date that turns out to be).It's just me, a few loose leaves of poetry, a microphone and an audience of (I hope) appreciative listeners. Anybody who's in the area should come along. Hear this s**t read out loud by the man responsible for it (and pelt him with oranges).

My hope is to turn the performances into a regular thing. Maybe one day if I combine performances with a little freelance writing, I can even quit the money job. Today I've been discussing another gig with a Northampton event organiser, so it's not beyond the absolute, outer realms of possibility that a few more might come along, and on a regular basis.

We shall see. I have to get past the first gig first, and not die a huge and horrible death. After that we can talk of glory.

Oh, the point of this entry was to say this to promoters, pub owners, whoever else might be out there: I am available locally or nationally if you want to book me for readings. Drop me an email at bruce.hodder@tesco.net


Ralph Murre said…
Is there any talk of a chartered flight of Bruce fans and other disturbed types from the central U.S.? We should be able to get a good rate on a Wednesday in January.
Bruce Hodder said…
"Bruce fans and other disturbed types" is the best phrase I've read in a long time!

Ah, I'd love to have you along Ralph, 'cos I'd know I had to work hard with such a good poet in the crowd. Maybe I'll be able to prevail on someone to record a bit of it...
Anonymous said…

Good luck, you tenacious, grey haired old bugger.

You deserve it.

Bruce Hodder said…
Wow--only a member of your immediate family can describe you THAT accurately.

Thanks, big bro'. With the right material, a pinch of alcohol and a following wind it should be a memorable night.