Don't Look Back

It has come. That time of the year when, whether you understand the impulse or not, you find yourself reviewing the successes and failures of the last twelve months and making resolutions for the next twelve.
Well, the archives of SUFFOLK PUNCH catalogue my successes and failures with more accuracy than any end-of-year backward-looking essay could, as the posts (those I haven't deleted in shame or embarrassment), were written at the time, as the successes and failures were actually occurring. So if you're really interested, and I can't imagine why you would be, all the evidence is there.
Looking back is pointless. But we do it. The past rapidly becomes a kind of mystery, a vanishing dream, and the present is no less of a puzzle. How did you become this peculiar creature that you are? Was it this moment that shaped you? or another? Did those other worlds you live in really exist?
Can we not just step back, for a moment, and put right what we did wrong? Can't we say that word instead of this word and make everything better?
Unfortunately I think we all know the answer to that.


tom said…
hey, Bruce -

been reading here off and on

splake has passed on some of your postings to me up at the Vertin studios

you're right on this
just got to look ahead
try to do better up the line
and remind ourselves - not to get
too attached to things and events - constanty need to remind myself of that


Anonymous said…
You know what Whitman said, "There was a Child Went Forth".........
Bruce Hodder said…
Yes, non-attachment--especially to memory...

Welcome to Suffolk Punch. Hope you'll come back sometime and leave another comment.