The Gays Are The Last Acceptable Target

Okay, I don't think I have too many English readers--something about S.P. doesn't chime with the limeys--but did anybody see that story about the police interviewing a Christian couple who had made public statements about homosexuality being morally wrong? I believe it was in Lancashire somewhere. Now, I'm not one to side with the police unnecessarily, but the real lunacy in this case was not the fact that they interviewed the couple, but that they have now been forced to apologise to them and pay damages.

Are you f***ing kidding me???? It may say in the Bible that homosexuality is an abomination. I believe it also says you shouldn't part your hair in the middle, or wear ringlets at the side of your face. But the same Christians who complain bitterly every day that they are a persecuted minority in this country and that Tony Blair only cares about Muslims (how do they work that one out?), will tell anyone prepared to listen--or too polite to tell them to piss off--that gay people are going to Hell because what they do in the bedroom is revolting and unnatural.

If incitement to religious hatred is a crime--and I believe it should be, though the law must never confuse incitement to hatred with vigorous discussion--then incitement to any sort of hatred should be unacceptable. If you're going to protect the Muslims, the Hindus and the Christians (who must also be protected--don't get me wrong, I have many Christian friends), then how come it's still acceptable, apparently under the law if this latest case is any indication, to express disgusting views about homosexuals? I don't want to live in any society where a man or a woman is considered a second- or third-class citizen just because they like to pleasure themselves differently.


I believe that prejudice or disrimination are born out of fear. Fear of the unknown. If the unlikelyhood of all gay people coming out at the same time would certainly cause some pause and a re thinking of their attitudes toward gays. It would give people the chance to know that they already have known gay people and have liked,or loved them. Families would have to deal with their moral dilema of either wanting to have a relationship with their brother,sister, mother, father, aunts and uncles etc or not. They would have deal with their fears of people that they have aleady loved but suddenly with the added knowledge that these people that they once loved are really wonderful people in spite of the fact that they have same sex attractions but they didn't know all of the details. They must somehow learn to take the sexual aspect out of the equation and try and understand that sex is not at the fore front of same sex attractions. However, they need to understand that gays same sex attractions are as powerful as heterosexual attractions. The attractions experienced are on all levels and that means sexuality isn't the most essential component of all attractions,which I don't think many people have considered. Attraction is attraction, there is no difference at all in how it feels to have those butterflies in the stomach when the one you love walks into the room. We as gay people do understand those feelings as well as heterosexuals. They are powerful and people throughout history have died in an attempt to be with their loved ones whether ga y or strait. Aaron fennvile, Mi 49408.
Bruce Hodder said…
Brilliant. An eloquent exposition on the nature of what is called, rather strangely, "homosexual love." As Aaron shows, love is love, doesn't matter whether it's gay or straight, and since God is love, as we're always hearing, how can He object to it when it happens, wherever it happens? (If God is up there, by the way--and I hope He is--I seriously doubt He would object to homosexuality and be hung up on the continuation of the species as the only purpose of bedroom activity. God has the bigger view, people; His mind leaps universes, He thinks an idle thought and new worlds are born. If He is Love incarnate, He's going to want those He created to lead loving lives, and Be loved, since that will keep them close to Him. Love will infuse them with the divine spirit. How the free interchange of loving kindness between people is organised and recorded down at the Town Hall is not going to be the concern of anyone who was around before the birth of the Universe.)