Something Equally Self-Indulgent: Kung Fu

After abusing my role as webmaster of the Suffolk Punch site to wish my father a happy Father's Day yesterday, I now wish to abuse it again by directing readers to a site about my favourite-ever television programme, "Kung Fu". Remember that? It's the one from the Seventies about the half-American/ half-Chinese Buddhist priest wandering 19th Century America after killing the nephew of the Chinese Emperor. It had an incredible impact on me as a boy and hovered over my adulthood--until the release of the dvds--like a memory of Shangri-La. And now I'm renewing my acquaintance, season by season, with the deepest-thinking, most tranquil and flat-out hard hero of any tv show, movie or comic book ever. Barefoot, in a room filled with Buddhas and burning incense. Yes. Maybe one day Warner will get their act together and release season 3 over here, because for some reason lost to me in the mists of time I didn't see most of it, and never got to watch the reunion of Caine, the hero, and his long lost brother Danny. And I understand, in the last episode, Caine apologises to a horse before riding it. Quite right too, since at some point along the line he had probably been one.


Ralph Murre said…
It is a deep pool, indulge yourself, grasshopper.