Random Shots

BLUE FRED'S KITCHEN today presents bold new poetry by Norbert Blei and "beatlick" Joe Speer. Hit the button in the Reading Room to see what Wisconsin and New Mexico's finest are up to.

Speaking of the moustachioed Mr. Blei, he's the principal attraction at the Keweenaw Upper Peninsula Writers' Workshop at the Historic Vertin Building in Calumet, MI on September 16th this year. Tuition is $60, which ain't much when you consider you're getting exposure to a writer like Norb. "Convenient lodging is available," as the fancy flier charmingly informs us. To find out whether there are any places left, contact Ed Gray on 906-337-5970.

Sometime toward the end of this week/ the beginning of the next Todd Moore and his son Theron's new poetry magazine "St. Vitus" will be online. Todd says St Vitus will be "the premier outlaw poet's mag in America"--which, given Todd's status as the premier outlaw poet, can be taken without too much scepticism. The URL, when the magazine appears, will be http://www.saintvituspress.com . Check Saturday or Sunday/ Monday at the latest, and it'll be there for our stimulation and delight.

At the Press, I have decided--to encourage comments from readers of the blogs--not to answer anything left in the comments field below posts on Suffolk Punch and Blue Fred's Kitchen unless requested to by their author. From now on the comments field is where you have your say. You can argue with each other--in fact, I positively encourage it--but unless invited, I will stay out of it. So don't think I'm being rude, okay?