Let's give the Idiot of the Week award (which is really not an award, idiot) to the Kommandant of Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay who described the suicides of three prisoners there as "acts of war". I'm sure the soldiers on the ground in Iraq--not to mention the poor sods who have to live there--really appreciated his babblingly heartless and inflammatory take on the last act of three desperate men: it plays right into the hands of Muslim extremists, who wish to further their own cause by portraying the US as a callous tyrant with no sympathy for--nor any understanding of-- anyone connected to Islam. A propaganda coup that will inevitably translate into more guns, more bombs, and more death-or-glory converts.
And forgetting briefly what it means for innocents abroad and at home in the beleaguered nation of Iraq (or the 51st state of the USA, as it might be called), think of what that statement reveals about the guy who made it. What a miserable, dark, rotten, festering soul you'd have to have to believe, as he genuinely appears to, that people he has incarcerated and tortured, and over whose heads he hangs the threat of military trial and possible execution, must have ended their lives just to get at him and his innocent unoffending government.
Find this comment unbalanced? lacking in objectivity? Tell it to the jury. At least you'll be lucky enough to get one.