Early reports suggest that right-thinking people have done a good job at the polls. The House of Representatives has now gone to Democratic control. As I write this, we're still waiting for results from the other House.

Well, two Houses would be great, and it would help tie the hands of that malevolent dimwit George Bush (and by extension his masters), but losing the House of Representatives alone weakens his position. It's harder for any political leader to drive through his extremist policies--and make no mistake, Bush IS an extremist--if he has to convince a chamber full of men and women predisposed to oppose him.

Now the Democrats have to do something with the trust that has been placed in them by the American voters. Influence the Republicans to change direction in Iraq (and with Afghanistan, and Iran, and North Korea--and whoever else they are turning their guns on this week.) Stand up against any more of the macho posturing and expansionism that has made the world such a perilous place for everyone (Christian, Muslim or other), to live in since the 9/11 atrocities. And then they have to find a candidate who has a realistic chance of getting into the White House at the next presidential election.

How long have they got? Two years? One and a half? Well, okay. If I'd had three days I could've found a better candidate than John Kerry, and I've never even been to America (though I'm planning on visiting next year.)

But for now let's sit back and celebrate the fact that the American voters have given the world a glimmer of hope. It's the first time since Bush was re-elected that I've felt we might have the chance to avoid Armageddon.