A Warning to the Reader

A word of warning. Here you will find intelligent insightful comment. Here you will also find occasional moments of self-delusion, psychosis and complete stupidity. What can I say, it's an online diary of my thoughts, feelings and observations--mostly regarding the arts but also politics and occasionally even my own life--over eight years; eight years in which I have moved house three times, ended a relationship,fallen in love, quit my job, got a degree, nearly died of pneumonia and developed epilepsy. There has never been a period of my life when I've gone through such dramatic change. The instability of the mind and the voice revealed in these pages reflects that. Do I stand by every word you will find here? Absolutely not. Would I try to edit them or conceal them like a revisionist politician hiding his or her broken promises? Never. "This is the creature I am," as Allen Ginsberg would say. Or the creature I have been, at least. Take it or leave it. At the very least you'll have fun raving at what an idiot I am.