Email to Robert Owen, Northampton University, Careers

After being antagonized almost beyond the point of human endurance by Northampton Uni's refusal to engage with me on the ethical problems raised by Zhou Xiaoming's visit on the 15th, I received an email the other day from Robert Owen, the University's "Careers and Employability" man, inviting me to come and meet representatives from Graduates2China when they visit on Thursday. Apparently, if I'm lucky, I could come away with the beginnings of a plan to teach English to students in Chinese schools for a year. Very good for my cv, etc. etc. etc.

You might as well have thrown an aerosol can on a fire as send me that, especially in the wake of my arrogant treatment by the University hierarchy. Does capitalism have no morals at all?

Here's my reply:

Thanks Robert, but until China stops abusing the human rights of its own citizens and ceases the genocide against Tibet I don't think it's moral either for me to think about this or for the university to be lending its facilities to those who offer it.The number of people who have self-immolated in Tibet since 2009 to protest against the Chinese occupation of their country has now reached 30, and that's too high a price to pay for my selfish advancement.