Email to Sarah Uldall

Sarah Uldall is running for the Liberal Democrats in my ward in the local council elections in Northampton, U.K. on May 5th. Here is the email I am sending her after discovering unwanted LibDem campaign literature on my doormat when I came home yesterday.

6th April 2011
Dear Sarah Uldall,

Recently I left a note at my door asking for no Liberal Democrat newsletters or campaign leaflets to put through my letterbox. So imagine how disappointed I was to come home today and find another edition of your Focus on my doormat.

Please stop sending me this material. Quite apart from your rudeness in ignoring my original request, I do not read anything either you or your new ideological bedfellows the Conservative Party send, so you are wasting your time. It all goes straight into the bin.

As far as I am concerned the local Liberal Democrats are inseparable from the national Liberal Democrats; and your Westminster masters, after misrepresenting themselves and their agenda shamelessly to con disaffected Labour supporters into voting for them, are conspiring with the Conservative Party to terrorise the poor and dispossessed, dismantle public services and make Britain – through assaults on higher education and the N.H.S. – a more socially divided nation than it has been since Charles Dickens died.

We expected that from the Conservative Party. But I am not alone in being appalled at the spectacle of supposedly liberal politicians colluding with a Tory programme no less extreme than that of Margaret Thatcher. Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have made themselves grotesque by giving into their ambition, and history will forgive David Cameron much sooner than they are forgiven.

So as I have said before, do not send me any more of this gibberish. I intend to vote Labour on May 5th and that wouldn’t be changed by an avalanche of badly-written nonsense about fly tipping and bin collections. But I do not want your literature in my house, period.


Bruce Hodder