Before Sunset

While I'm on an old movie mood, I thought I'd share with you some notes I wrote after watching a favourite film of mine again last night:

I just watched "Before Sunset" again, and I liked it more than I did the first time because I could pick out its subtleties more easily on a second viewing. The little important moments when you see into the heart of the two characters; the dissatisfaction they have with their lives, and the intensity of their feelings for each other, which might be shown just by a look (Ethan Hawke is very good at those), or a hand raised to touch the other's hair. Those things are revealed with such great skill and timing within the natural flow of the conversation I quite envy the ability of the actors AND the writers. Who, sickeningly, are the same people (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy wrote the script with director Richard Linklater).

I thought about ******** constantly as the film unfolded because Julie Delpy showed so perfectly what is delightful about anybody when you look at them with the eyes of love: the way they laugh; the way they stand up on the balls of their feet to make a point; the way they push their hair behind one ear; their insecurities; the sadness of their past; how beautiful it can be to watch them light a cigarette; how great it is just to listen to them talk about their job or something lovely they remember from their childhood.

That is, when you're not being a self-involved arsehole and seeing them all wrong.