Hot Damn, The Bard Of Semilong's Going To Uni

Political events are momentous at present, although now that we have a Cameron-Clegg Conservative/LibDem Coalition Government they might perhaps slow down for a bit. But things have progressed in my own life too, as I've been sitting by the radio listening to the news from Westminster. Today I received, and accepted, an unconditional offer to go to University as a mature student and do an English Literature degree this coming September.

This probably means very little to anyone other than me and my small, immediate circle, but if anybody has been brave enough to return to Suffolk Punch and its relentless grumbling bad news, finger-pointing and simultaneous self-reproach over the years, I feel they deserve to know when there is a break in the gloom, even if it's only a temporary one. And I'm determined this one's going to be permanent.

I haven't worked out how I'm going to support myself over the next three years, and that might be difficult. If a part-time job can be found -- my health problems make that a challenge -- it will not be too hard. If I can't get a job I'll have to consider some other option, and right now I don't know what that would be. The one thing I'm not going to do, however, is give up on the opportunity I have to do something I've always secretly desired just through lack of imagination, and end my life a bitter, disappointed man.

The degree is where I'm going. How I get there is, as they say in politics, a matter for further consideration.

Onward, dear reader, and upward, etc.